Hatha Strength

At Harmonia

Yoga teaches us to use the body as the bow, asana as the arrow and the soul the target. – BKS Iyengar

In the Om Studio
Wed 10:45-12n
Friday 10:45-12n

Main Room
Monday 10:45-12 Friday 9-10:30
Saturday 8:30-10
Sunday 10:45-12


The outdoor patio is always relaxing.


Beautiful event and co-working spaces.

What is Hatha Strength?

Hatha Strength is a unique non-traditional Yoga class. Assertively building reservoirs of strength, endurance, coordination and emotional intelligence while cultivating the mindfulness that supplies clarity and ease in our living, vibrance in our experience and maintains our body’s healthy resilience.

We hold such great creative power in each and every moment yet we so often lose touch with this. Harness your own magic, find your own unique energetic blend and practice that supports the physicality present in the art of your living to be safely expressed with confidence, dynamic power, functional integrity and graceful fluidity.

Classes are open to all levels and abilities, everyone is encouraged to play but there is always room to hang out and observe if things get to feeling nutty. No one needs to feel pressured into going beyond their safe limits. conversely in this Yoga there are many opportunities to take one’s own path and express themselves more freely. Creativity, safe and sweaty self expression is encouraged.

Come play, explore and connect.