Classes & Workshops

Hatha Strength Evolution

Wednesday 10:45-12n

Friday 10:45-12n

Saturday 8:30-10a

What kind of class is Hatha Strength Evolution?

HSE is a unique strength and mobility based yoga class focused on developing strength, endurance and the metabolic adaptations that forge a more dynamic mind body connection. Building the mobility, flexibility, coordination and mindfulness that is required to keep our physical bodies vibrant and resilient. Allowing our movements to be safely expressed with more dynamic power, functional integrity and graceful fluidity.

Classes are open to all levels and abilities.

Come play, explore and evolve.

Yoga of Sausalito  – Click here to go to the schedule for YOS

110 Caledonia Street, Sausalito, Ca. 94965


I truly look forward to seeing you both on and off the mat!