RAWLOGY Ultra-Firm Cork Massage Roller


Remember, this is an ULTRA-FIRM roller that doesn’t bend. So you can really apply force into those tight problem spots on your legs, arms, and back. ⭐

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🌲 For every Raw Roller sold, Rawlogy donates to the National Forest Foundation, an organization committed to the health and enjoyment of our National Forests. Not only are you buying the highest quality massage roller on the market… you are also HELPING OUR ENVIRONMENT. So THANK YOU for your contribution!

Raw Rollers are for people who are DONE with PAIN

You know the kind of pain we mean. The pain of throbbing tension in your back from sitting at your desk all day. Or the pain of tight muscles from sports or recovering from surgery.


Raw Rollers are for people who are COMMITTED to living PAIN FREE. They are for busy professionals, moms on-the-go, backpackers, hikers, runners, and health conscious individuals who care about their HEALTH and WELL BEING.

Don’t Be Fooled

Many massage rollers on the market are made from not-so-natural materials, and even worse, come into contact with toxic chemicals during manufacturing that could rub off on your skin. With a trusted brand like Rawlogy, you are GUARANTEED a product made from natural, raw materials, instead of synthetic materials made from oil.

100% Happiness Guaranteed

If you don’t absolutely LOVE our Raw Roller… For ANY reason whatsoever, simply send us a message and we will be happy to offer you a fast, prompt refund.

  • THE NATURAL WAY TO RELIEVE MUSCLE TENSION, KNOTS & TIGHT FASCIA: A versatile choice for injury prevention, rehab, and even just for warming up muscles prior to running, Rawlogy’s Raw Cork Roller delivers an ultra-firm massaging effect. With its dense core, this roller offers incredible stability as you apply more body weight.
  • EXTRA FIRM: Raw Rollers pack some serious massaging power. The ULTRA-FIRM dense cork surface is highly intense and perfect for targeting larger tight muscles.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY SHAPE: Raw Rollers are stubby enough to fit inside your carry-on bag! They are also designed with rounded edges to protect the cork from chips or cracking.
  • LIGHT-WEIGHT & MOBILE: Measuring only 3.75in x 12in (10cm x 30cm), and under 2 lbs, Raw Rollers are easy to use at home or take on the road.
  • REBORN FROM WINE CORKS, NO TOXIC CHEMICALS: Rawlogy cork massage rollers are made from repurposed wine corks, then quality checked and fire-branded at our shop in Los Angeles, California. Each one is unique. During the production process, they NEVER come into contact with BPA, PVC, petroleum, harsh chemicals, smelly powders or dangerous phthalates. Grippy on your skin, the rollers are made of high quality REAL cork that is raw, antimicrobial, and better for the environment.