Private Sessions



Often a conversation with an experienced and empathetic advocate with an objective view is the most powerful tool to help us define and then make the choices that safely and efficiently move us in the right direction. I’ve been coaching and working with top performers for over 15 years. Let’s schedule a call.

$60 – 30 min Phone Skype  Zoom sessions

$120 – 60 min Phone Skype Zoom sessions

$125 – per session hour on site

$150 + –  offsite sessions


Private and group work. Flow and technique training.


Deep tissue energetic and postural rebalancing, with some muscle activation and PNF stretching when appropriate for your needs.


Directed meditation, contemplation and concentration sessions to move you forward.

Personal Training

Specialized fitness and corrective exercise programming. Read some testimonials to find out what my clients have to say about their experiences. Whatever your goals are I’m sure we will get you right where you want to be.

Session packages are highly encouraged and bring more accountability and structure into your training. Packages structured according to your needs and desires and billed on a monthly basis..

Group sessions are available: Splitting the costs with a friend or group makes it all far more affordable and fun.

Programs are highly customized and vary depending on a clients abilities and desired results.

Please contact me directly to discuss any of the above.