Shaun knows more about health and fitness than anyone I’ve ever met … but more importantly, it’s applied knowledge. In other words, it’s practical, and in my case, life-altering. As far as recommendations go, I’ve never been able to say someone saved my life, which is the case with Shaun. When we met, my health was spiraling out of control and I looked like a walking zombie. Now, thanks to Shaun, I’ve taken charge of my health, I feel fantastic and I gained over thirty pounds of healthy weight. I seriously owe this guy everything,  I can’t recommend him enough”. 

  • Jay Adelson   –  General Partner at Center Electric


“Shaun is a passionate, educated, conscientious and experienced fitness professional. He brings multi-disciplinary point of view to every session and a level of finesse and precision to all of his work. Shaun sees the big picture and the larger goals and then charts a course to get you there…chapter by chapter, step by step, stretch by stretch. Shaun is incredibly personable, flexible and motivating. It is a real privileged to be working with him”. –  

  • Tina Sharkey        Co-Founder & CEO, Brandless


“Shaun is a remarkable person and a truly unique trainer.  His combination of knowledge, focus, positivity, compassion, and ability to empower others makes him not only a powerful teacher but also a delightful human being.  I have known Shaun for over 10 years, and consider him a dear friend and great inspiration.

Shaun is clearly passionate about his work, as evidenced by his constantly seeking out new information and putting it to the test–on himself first, and then passing along that which is most beneficial to those around him.  He approaches every session with complete focus on the person he is training.  His attention never wavers, and he is able to remain compassionate and kind while challenging me to move outside my comfort zone and realize abilities I didn’t know I had.

Perhaps most importantly is that Shaun trains in a way that is specific to the individual: the sessions are tailored to my goals, fitness level, and body type, and working with him always feels like a team effort.  For instance, I am a vegan, which puts many trainers outside their comfort zone in terms of giving great dietary advice, but Shaun does extensive research on all sorts of diets, and has been able to give me great guidance within the parameters that I have chosen.  I am also a guitar player, and so am necessarily very conscious of my hands and wrists.  Shaun never forgets this, and is always mindful to check in and make adjustments to exercises to minimize any possibility of strain.

I look forward to every workout with him.  They are always challenging, always fun, always enriching, always beneficial.  And he approaches every session with a fantastic attitude and great generosity of spirit”.

  • Gretchen Menn – Guitar Goddess



He’s the best, I would recommend Shaun to anyone.

  • Josh Davis – DJ Shadow


“I am highly recommending Shaun, not only as a trainer, also as a guide – someone who brings his eclectic athletic background to each of his clients – customizing and individualizing as needed, depending on the athletes individual goals. Finding immense strength inside and out as I pursue biggest triathlon challenges to date. Thank you Shaun!”

  • Sarah McMoyler RN, BSN, CLE  President/CEO at The Best Birth



“Shaun has been training me for 10 years. Now in my late 50’s I am fitter and stronger than ever. I can rock climb at harder grades than I was able to in my 20s. Moreover, Shaun has been great to work with, his deep knowledge of training has also helped me recover quickly from various injuries. Training with Shaun has been a life enriching experience, I recommend him without hesitation”.

  • Scott Sklar  –  Senior Advisor, Webster Capital

“I met Shaun, and quickly learned that his approach and skillset went above and beyond that of the typical personal trainer. As a female I immediately felt comfortable with Shaun and his approach. He was encouraging and positive, even when I was not. I felt like he genuinely cared about me and my progress, and his passion for his profession is obvious in his work. What I appreciate most is his commitment to learning and trying the latest theories and practices in personal fitness. There are so many new ideas, programs, and tools available in his profession and Shaun clearly takes on,masters, and uses only the best of the best in what’s available. His programs are tailored and specific for each person, and he really listens and encourages people towards the areas that bring them the most enjoyment. If I could choose all of the top attributes, I would say he has them all. I have had great results with Shaun, but I believe that in his profession, the clients are equally responsible for their own results. Shaun will give you every tool necessary, and if your fortunate enough to work with him regularly you can expect great results.  I look forward to working with Shaun everyday.”

  • Maleea M

“Shaun Naughton is a lot more than a Master Trainer, he is truly masterful in leading, encouraging, and teaching his clients to develop a life fitness program. Shaun has coached me for over 5 years, and last year got me ready to compete in my 1st Sprint Triathlon at age 60! He knows as much about the body as a MD, and develops customized training for each client and each session depending on where your body/mind is at that time. I am delighted our paths have crossed and look forward to our next years together”.

  • Barry S.

“Shaun was a superb help to me to get my workout schedule re-sparked. He is personable, present and effective. I would gladly hire him again. He is also very professional and punctual – a trait not always in abundance.  Great results, personable, and real expert” 

  • Michael G.

“Shaun brings knowledge, expertise and fun into working out. He works hard to understand each individual’s goals and then continuously brings creativity to the process of working towards that goal. As a participant in extreme open water kayaking I need to know I can handle anything out there. Training with Shaun gives me that kind of confidence” 

  • Patricia S.

“When I started working with Shaun, I was a weakling who injured myself every time I tried high impact exercise (tearing my meniscus after running a mile is just one example). After about 6 years of sticking to biking, I really wanted to run again but didn’t think it was realistic, so I looked to Shaun to help me get stronger so I could be more efficient in biking and other athletic pursuits. He completely exceeded my expectations. Not only did he help me develop strength and confidence I hadn’t seen before in myself, but he did, in fact, get me running again. I started at zero and worked up to running 12-18 miles a week. Beyond that, he’s just a really great guy and fun to train with. I’d recommend him in a heartbeat.”

  • Kristen L.

“Shaun is truly a Master Trainer. He first gets to know you as a person, your goals, and respecting what shape you are in at the moment. He then skillfully builds a customized program to build your strength, endurance, all the while offering up encouragement resulting in feeling good about yourself and your progress. His knowledge about the body and how it works is incredible. He has successfully prepared me for several “Dipsea” races through ingenious cross training methods, resulting in great performances. I admire his casual style and his willingness to work with me in the gym and on the trails. Shaun is the Real Deal.” 

  • BS.

“Shaun is an outstanding trainer – one who takes a holistic approach to your body, your life, your goals. During my personal training sessions with him I not only saw results and truly felt better but I learned so much about how to integrate the right life changes and exercise options to effect the change I was seeking. Shaun also helped my daughter learn fundamental strengthening exercises to support her competitive equestrian riding.”

  • Michaela K.

“Shaun has been training me for 4 years, It has been a great experience, I am fitter than I ever have been and I enjoy working with Shaun. He is personable, motivating, and very experienced. I recommend him without hesitation.” 

  • Scott

“A “results oriented” personal trainer is a very accurate description of Shaun’s work. Shaun is extremely conscientious and caring and works continuously to make sure you achieve your goals while having fun doing it.”

  • Sivan G.

“There’s working with a personal trainer at your average gym, and then there’s working with a passionate expert like Shaun. He is truly one of the most skilled experts I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Shaun has the unique ability to quickly ascertain an individuals skill set and body chemistry to produce a plan to achieve whatever goal you may set for yourself. I would recommend Shaun to anyone at any level without hesitation.”

  • Daniel S.

“Shaun is first-rate as a trainer. He’s professional, caring, skilled, knowledgeable and fun to spend time with, and understands how to gradually work you up to get the results you want, the health you need.” 

  • Louise T.

“I can wholeheartedly say that Shaun is fantastic and is certainly a leader in the health and fitness field.”

  • Larry C.

“His knowledge and personal drive are forefront in his training and all his
personal interactions. He is always ready with greater information than the mere dynamics of a particular exercise.”

  • MM

“He gently encourages me to do things I don’t think I can do, and I feel triumphant when I find that I can. He has brought me back out into the world. I can’t say enough positive things about Shaun after all of the wonderful things he has done for me.”

  • Janet H.

“He is a rare individual, with compassion and integrity, boundless energy, and an ability to motivate others to achieve their best in whatever the challenge.”

  • Oriel

“Shaun is frankly the best personal trainer I’ve experienced, applying great understanding of the latest findings in the field and adapting them to fit the personality, needs and abilities of his clients. He’s a remarkably sensitive person who keeps a great perspective of balance and fun in his work.”

  • JS