Welcome to the class video page. I wanted to provide some full length classes that feel personal and real. They have been compiled from the Zoom group sessions we started during the initial covid shutdown and as Harmonia (the studio in Sausalito that occupied the former Plant Recording Studio) was in its final days. These videos can be raw at times due to the nature of the production environment and what was going on at the time. However I love these classes as they are personal, varied and as challenging as you want to make them. They are meant to be done not really just watched I have confidence that if you get into the work you’ll most likely really enjoy how you feel as you go through it. Please excuse the rough edges and allow the experience of the work itself to settle in. Remember go easy have fun and be safe.

If you’re practicing form the pre-recorded content the recommended donation is 5$

The Venmo payment info is:

Venmo @Shaun-Naughton

If money is tight right now I understand, enjoy the practice regardless, yet keep in mind any contribution helps.