Ha – Refers to the Sun. In the context of Yoga, it is related to the practices that activate the sympathetic nervous system, which accelerates metabolism mobilizing energy to provide for our needs. It creates a state of alertness and enhances concentration. This solar energy is related to Rajas.”

Tha – Refers to the Moon. It is related to the practices that activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which slows metabolism, conserving energy for future needs. It creates a state of restoration, digestion and relaxation. This lunar energy is related to Tamas.”

Hatha – Refers to the balance of the sun and the moon, activity and rest, cultivated by the practice of Yoga. This Balance Neutralizes the extremes of Rajas and Tamas, allowing us to enter into the state of Sattva. This state of balance serves as a doorway to our true being.”

Hatha Strength

Hatha Strength is a unique non-traditional Yoga class. Focused on building strength, endurance, coordination while cultivating the mindfulness that supplies clarity and some ease in our living.

We hold such creative power in each moment. Harness your own magic and find your own unique path. Build a practice that supports the art of your living to be safely expressed with confidence, power and graceful fluidity.

Classes are open to all levels and abilities, everyone is encouraged to jump in but there is always room to hang out and observe if things get to feeling nutty. No one should feel pressured into going beyond their safe limits. Conversely in this class there are many opportunities to take one’s own path, branch off and express themselves more freely.

This blend of the feminine and masculine, the solid and the fluid, yin and yang, hard and soft is at the center of our life experience.

Creativity and sweaty self expression is encouraged.

Come play, explore and connect.