1. “Ha” meaning “Sun” 

“Tha” meaning “Moon” 

This blends the feminine and masculine, the solid and the fluid, yin and yang, hard and soft. The totality of our experience and our make up. 

2. Hatha – willful / forceful

We manifest intention and through a combination of willful intent and consistent dedication we influence our energetic presence in the direction of strength and vitality. Without will and the production of force we loose our structural integrity and our ability to generate effect on the physical plane. 

3. The combination of these two definitions is more appropriate to defining the “Hatha Strength” protocol. 

We explore the boundaries of our being and our experience in life through our intentional practice. Soft and hard, supple and rigid, easy and challenging. We find the world is different for us depending on the intentions and intensity of the energies we focus in specific areas. The possibilities are endless the outcomes never certain however the path can be highly rewarding no matter the variables if we focus and expand simultaneously.